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MKOMI is a leading manufacturer which specialized in producing beauty & health care instruments.

 hiemt pro,shockwave therapy, hifu ,3D4D hifu, lipohifu, cryolipolysis ,

cryolipolysis shockwave therapy, antifreeze membrane, fat freezing machine, laser therapy, hair removal laser, water mesotherapy gun, spa facial skin care machine, body composition analyzer,fractional rf microneedle, velashape machine, rf beauty machine, elight IPL。 

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Mkomi Beauty Technology Co., Ltd.13 years factory ,13 years focusing on the development of beauty equipment, Pursuit of higher product quality, Making your business easier!

is a professional beauty device company specializes in the development, production, sales and service of beauty equipment,

* 755+808+1064nm Ice Cooling Diode Laser Series,

* multi-function series 2 in 1 , 3 in 1, 6 in 1 series, Elight series, Q Switch ND YAG laser series,

* Fat lossing :Cryolipolysis, RF series ,Cavitation and so on.

All the products are taking with CE/ISO certification ,suitable for world market , mainly used on North America South America , Europe ,more than 102 countrys .

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